Although we’re keen that researchers can use the Four Mountains Test freely in their work, we need to ensure that the test materials do not become widely available to the general public (because widespread familiarity with the materials might undermine their use in future research or clinical practice). We also want to ensure that our work is not exploited by others without attribution or for commercial advantage.


You are free to:


Use the test materials for non-commercial research.


When publishing findings based on your use of the test materials you must:


Acknowledge the authors by including an attribution statement or, for research publications which make reference to the test, test scores or test materials a citation to:


Hartley, T., Bird, C. M., Chan, D., Cipolotti, L., Husain, M., Vargha‐Khadem, F., & Burgess, N. (2007). The hippocampus is required for short‐term topographical memory in humans. Hippocampus, 17(1), 34-48.


and any other more recent relevant references listed at


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Remove from the test materials any copyright notice, license or references to this license and website

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Redistribute the test materials

Exercise any of the rights granted to you by this license in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.


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